About Us

Modern Day Hippie prides itself on curating the very best one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. We know the difficulties of finding great secondhand clothing and not knowing how to rock it with a fashion forward edge. 

Modern Day Hippie celebrates your own style, quirkiness and individuality with each product. We bring you distinctive, vintage, up cycled, and handmade pieces that are as unique as you. We redesign our vintage clothing to offer a level of stylistic personalization. 

At Modern Day Hippie, vintage fashion is attitude and fashion is a lifestyle. A Modern Day Hippie is one that embraces exactly who she is, and is not ashamed to show the world. The elements of peace, love, and freedom drive her life. She is bold and fearless, but most importantly, she is stylish and unique in her own way.

We are confident you will love what we have to offer and encourage you to celebrate your boldness, fearlessness and unique style in your own way. Experience us. Be inspired. Peace, Love & Vintage.