Make Your Next Move, Your Best Move July 13 2017



Today, networking is one of the major keys to get anywhere in life. It
is all about who you know. With social media and contacts at your fingertips, 
it is a necessity when trying to gain access into the career path that you want. Many jobs jobs are never advertised or posted, so knowing someone in your desired field can get you one step closer to your dream career.
Although, sometimes it can seem awkward, it is extremely important.

Here are a few key points about networking you will always need to remember:

Networking is about building relationships, not selling yourself
When you meet someone new who you believe has the potential to give
great advice, make sure you are getting to know that person as a
friend. Have a conversation instead of just talking about yourself. It
is good to express your passion and goals, but it is not all about

Network with the right people
Network with people who are in the field that you want or knows
someone in the field that you want. This is important on reaching
people that you otherwise would have never met.

Keep in touch
This may be the most important. If you are like me, you may
often lose contact with people you are not constantly around. Try to
practice fixing that with this step. Check in every once and a while.
Ask to have lunch. It is important to stay on good terms with people
you are networking with.

Attend networking events in your area
This is a great way to meet people in the career path that you want
when you do not know anyone in your desired field. Show up, make some
friends, and express your goals. You will come across someone who can
help you.

Don’t just take.
Have something to offer. Everyone has something to offer. If you are
just talking to someone to get only what you want, it will be noticed.
No one wants to feel as if they are being used.

These few steps could help you in building your next work related relationship and also help you gain the career experience you desire. Make your next move, your best move!